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Authentic Maldives is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development to promote genuine local products, which is being operationalized through the Business Center Corporation. The initiative was introduced in January 2020 with a vision to identify and nurture the most remarkable creative entrepreneurs in the country, help them embellish their craft and expose their talent to the global marketplace.

What started out as a duty-free shop in Velana International Airport, the Authentic Maldives brand can now be found throughout the capital with shops in both Male’ and Hulhumale’. The new stores also accommodate the playful creations of enthusiastic budding entrepreneurs through the introduction of Kids’ Corners.

Find treasures from some of the most untraversed areas in Maldives, our culture, and history. From sweet delicacies of the south to the craftsmanship of lacquer works of central atolls, and the meticulous wood craftsmanship in the north. You can be assured that each item has its own curious tale and an Authentic Maldivian behind it.

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