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This document and all policies and any additional terms posted on this site sets the terms and conditions under which you access our services. On requesting for or accepting any service through this website, you are agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions stipulated in this text in its entirety.

The entity you are engaging with through transactions made through this website is Business Center Corporation Limited (henceforth referred to as BCC); where Authentic Maldives (henceforth referred to as AM) is a registered activity of the said organization.

It is advised for users to familiarize themselves with this document. This text shall detail how claims are resolved both by the users of the website (You) and the administrators of the website (Us), text on the disclaimer of warranties, text on the limitation of liability and text on mechanisms to handle legal disputes.


This website is the official and only Authentic Maldives website/online shop.

Authentic Maldives is a registered activity of Business Center Corporation; the state owned enterprise in the Maldives entrusted with the national mandate of SME development. Authentic Maldives is an initiative of the said organization which is devised to enhance market access for genuine local products.

The products you find here are all Authenticated by the Business Center Corporation as genuine Maldivian products belonging to and sold by local entrepreneurs and creatives. BCC never claims ownership of the products being sold here, and hence, the purchases you make here directly support the livelihoods of local businesses.


In using our services through this website, you agree to the Terms stated below. Any violation of these terms shall result in your immediate disbarment of using our website and the related facilities of both BCC and AM. Should such a case arise, all your ongoing transactions may be temporarily halted or cancelled.

By agreeing to this text, you agree to not:

  1. Breach any laws and regulations of the Republic of Maldives, your home country and any other governing laws or regulations to which transactions made here are must adhere.
  2. Breach any policies made by BCC or AM today or at a date after this text was drafted
  3. Use our service if you are not legally allowed to use this service (such as if you are underage, have been disbarred from using our service and so forth)
  4. Fail to pay for the items you purchase on delivery; unless you have a legitimate and valid reason for withholding your payment
  5. Post offensive, abusive, sexual, defamatory, false, inaccurate or deceptive content
  6. Take actions that may unfairly influence the ratings or recommendations of products
  7. Distribute spam, scams or other harmful online materials
  8. Distribute software that may be damaging to the website and its users; such as viruses, malware and spyware
  9. Make requests from the website that are unreasonably demanding and that may slow down its services for other users
  10. Share the contents of our website on your own platforms without prior consent from BCC
  11. Infringe the trademark, copyright, patent, intellectual property belonging to both Business Center Corporation and any of our vendors. Some actions that may be considered as infringement include:
    1. Reproducing Content
    2. Displaying Content
    3. Distributing Content
    4. Replicating, either closely or in full, the designs and logos of our vendors under your own name or brand
  12. Claim ownership of any product on display in our shop unless you are the vendor who has supplied that particular product

Users must ensure that their actions adhere to these terms set out above. Failure to meet these terms may result in disciplinary measures such as:

  1. Fines
  2. Legal Action
  3. Limiting user access
  4. Restricting user access to all facilities of BCC and AM
  5. Suspending your account and your personal access to the facilities of BCC and AM

Note regarding inactive and unverified accounts

On registration, an email will be shared with you to verify your account within a stated duration. While you may continue to use our services within this duration, your service may be interrupted should you exceed the allowed number of days without verification. This measure exists to protect you and your data, such as should you lose or forget your password.

We may deactivate accounts that have been inactive for a substantial period of time.

Right to refuse service

We reserve the right to refuse, modify, or terminate all or part of our Services to anyone for any reason at our discretion should we believe that they are in violation of our terms or in breach of generally acceptable etiquette.


All prices quoted on product pages are not inclusive of taxes and other applicable fees.

All prices quoted at checkout however are inclusive of any other applicable fee and delivery and shipping charges.

Cross border fees such as customs fees and duties should be paid by the buyer. In most circumstances, our shipping agent will facilitate the process of clearance.

All our products shall be displayed in Maldivian Rufiyaa. An option to pay in United States Dollars shall be prompted on checkout depending on how you have decided to make your payment. Transactions by locals and persons residing in the Maldives should only be made in Maldivian Rufiyaa.


All listings are made directly by BCC and hence:

  1. We will assume responsibility for the item offered and the accuracy of the content on the listing
  2. We will assume responsibility for the text description of items and the images used in their promotion
  3. We will ensure that all images of items are taken by our own internal team
    1. Where the images are provided by the vendor themselves, we reserve the right to indemnify ourselves of any possible infringement
  4. We will ensure that all descriptive text of items are original and endorsed both by the vendor and our internal team
    1. Where the text is provided by the vendor themselves, we reserve the right to indemnify ourselves of any possible infringement
  5. Images and text will note be copied from internet searches
  6. Images will not be stock photos


  1. You are responsible for ensuring that you read the full item description prior to purchase.
  2. If the product you purchased was not as intended, but accurately resembles the description of the purchase, we reserve the right to refuse returns on the product
  3. The description of the purchase shall refer to both the written text description of the product, its stated specifications and the images attached with the product
  4. All our products are new products that have neither been refurbished or used prior to sale (Unless otherwise explicitly stated)
  5. If you believe that the product delivered to you is a used product or has been refurbished, you may request for a review of the product from the website. If your query is successful, we may replace your product at our expense after you return the initial item delivered to you (you may have to bear the return costs).
  6. All our products are to be delivered in pristine condition and any hence, you may seek damages for any material and physical flaws in the actual product should they be significant (this does not cover damage to packaging)
  7. We strongly urge you to closely inspect the detailed specifications of the products.


You consent to share and disclose certain personal identification details as well as information about your browsing behavior on our site.

Personal identification details may be used:

  1. To identify yourself as the buyer
  2. For shipping purposes
  3. For data analysis and decision making

Information about your browsing behavior may be used:

  1. To optimize your search
  2. To improve your overall experience with the website
  3. To make recommendations based on the items you have perused, purchased or show interest towards
  4. For data analysis and decision making

These lists are comprehensive but not exhaustive.

We may share your personal details with other parties that have stake in the transaction such as government organizations (border organizations), delivery partners and so forth.


On using our services, you agree that we may contact you to through email, text or telephone to:

  1. Notify you regarding your activities and transactions; and especially suspicious transactions
  2. Troubleshoot problems with your account
  3. Resolve disputes
  4. Collect debts
  5. Polls, surveys and questionnaires
  6. Updates to the terms and conditions of the website
  7. Marketing purposes such as promotions

This list is comprehensive but not exhaustive. You may opt out of one or more of these forms of contact manually.

We may record telephone conversations for quality control and training purposes, or for our own protection.


If a customer has any issue with their order regarding a product, it should be notified to us within 7 days of delivery.

If a customer changes their mind about a purchase, they may request to return a product.

Some problems and how they shall be resolved are detailed below:

  1. You have paid for the product but have not received the product
    1. The first point of inquiry shall be whether the item left the Authentic Maldives Stock.
    2. BCC shall confirm that the item has the appropriate tracking information (implying that they were received by the delivery agent)
      1. Where tracking information is not available, it shall be assumed that the item had never reached the delivery agent
      2. In this case, BCC shall commence the process of assigning the item for delivery
    3. If the tracking information is valid and available, an inquiry will be made with the delivery agent.
      1. Where the tracking information is available, it shall be assumed that the item did reach the delivery agent
      2. Unless the delivery agent can show proof of delivery (a delivery note with the customer’s signature attached) the delivery firm shall bear responsibility for the loss.
      3. A replacement unit will be sent through BCC at the cost of the delivery agent and with no delivery charges incurred
    4. A signed delivery note exists
      1. This situation constitutes fraud by the buyer
      2. A notice will be sent to the buyer with the tracking details and an image of the delivery note.
  2. Cancellation Request
    1. This is a situation where a purchase has been made, but the customer wishes to cancel the delivery and request a refund
    2. BCC will make a decision regarding this request within 7 days
    3. Depending on the reason for cancellation and the progress of the inquiry, this request may be denied
  3. A return request
    1. Returns can only be accepted under the following circumstances
      1. Item is not as described
      2. Item is not delivered within the stated delivery duration range and is no longer required.
      3. Item is damaged
      4. Part of the item is missing or damaged
      5. If any other above criteria are met, and after our investigation, the return request can be approved
  4. An exchange request
    1. Exchanges can only be accepted under the following circumstances
      1. Item is not as described
      2. Item is as described but not as intended
        1. If the item is as described and no physical flaws are present, the buyer will be responsible for return cost should the request be accepted
      3. Item is not delivered within the stated delivery duration range and is no longer required.
      4. Item is damaged
      5. Part of the item is missing or damaged
      6. If any other above criteria are met, and after our investigation, the exchange request can be approved


We try to keep our services safe, secure, and functioning properly, but we cannot guarantee the continuous operation of or access to our services. As such, you indemnify us of any claims or demands should the following situations arise so long as they are deemed not reasonably within our control:

  1. Your inability use our services
  2. Delays of disruptions to service
  3. Viruses and other malicious software
  4. Bugs, errors, glitches in our website
  5. Damage to your hardware due to our website
  6. Third party actions taken against you due to unforeseen issues in the platform


The parties to these terms and conditions agree to uphold the covenants of confidentiality, that the parties shall not disclose any confidential, proprietary or sensitive information which is obtained during or incidental to the performance of this Agreement unless authorized with prior written consent.


Except stated otherwise, all notices shall be served to the address provided by the users as the contact information for the users. If there are any changes to such given addresses, it shall be updated within 3 days


We (BCC) reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time. By continuing to access or use our Service after modifications become effective, the users agree to be bound by the revised terms. If user do not agree to the new terms, such user must cease from using the Service any further.


The terms and conditions and the user agreements between out parties are governed by the laws and regulation of the Republic of Maldives.

Any disputes that cannot be resolved through deliberation, will be resolved through the competent courts of the Republic of Maldives. You must agree to uphold and respect the decisions made by the competent courts of the Republic of Maldives.

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