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ALMAH is a local company started up by Ms. Aminath Latheefa, as a sole proprietor, who makes paintings portraying the beauty of the Maldives, its culture, and its flora and fauna. ALMAH also creates cards, tote bags, beachwear, shawls and fridge magnets, to name a few.

When it comes to selling local products to the tourism industry, it can be quite a daunting task for an individual or a small business. The smaller company would have to compete with the titans of the tourism industry to try and sell their products. The larger companies would have financial backing capable of opening up stores that would be able to get into a market easier than a sole proprietor or a small business enterprise.

Ms Latheefa got the opportunity to sell her paintings to the Ministry of Tourism during the Handicraft Exhibition of 2019, which introduced her artworks into the market. Furthermore, Ms. Latheefa has stated that the opportunities provided by BCCto market her products at the Authentic Maldives Duty-Free Shop in the Velana International Airport and the Centro Shopping Mall in Hulhumale’ have helped the process of being able to market her products with a profit margin.

Ms. Latheefa appreciated the support she got from BCC and pointed out their efforts in introducing small home-based businesses into the tourist market.

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