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We’ve all dreamt of turning our passion into our livelihood. The story of Ms. Fathmath Shadhin, the founder of Isles of Jewels, is just that; a hobby turned into a budding business.

Isles of Jewels started out as a self-financed business. Ms. Shadhin saved portions of her salary to purchase the tools and materials she needed to start fashioning her art. In 2016, she debuted her collection with a simple concept: creating unique designs that are affordable for everyone. In 2017 Ms. Shadhin with assistance from her friends, Shaadhy and Badeeu, launched the collection as the brand Isles of Jewels.

Browsing through the Isles of Jewels’ product line is like taking a stroll through the crystalline beach of an uninhabited island. At your feet are the shimmering treasures of the ocean; the clams, the shells and the assortment of coloured bits of coral. Towering behind you are the tall coconut palms, and towards the horizon, the many shades of blue. Every product in the Isles of Jewels’ portfolio feels like an adoring homage to island sceneries.

Like every small business, Isles of Jewels initially struggled with brand exposure. “I participated in a lot of events hosted by NGOs and other parties. I put myself out there a lot which has helped me grow my business from a few loyal followers to a good amount of customers on all social media platforms,” recalls Ms. Shadhin.

She values every event that she has had the pleasure of attending and every kind word she had received about her collections. Her advice for young entrepreneurs is to abandon the fear of starting out, discover where one’s strengths lie and lean on them.

“As long as you’re trying, you’ll be getting closer and closer to actually living your dream.”

When asked about her experience with Authentic Maldives Ms. Shadhin replied, “it has been an opportunity of a lifetime for me. Authentic Maldives not only retail my products but also gives me the exposure I have been waiting for all these years.”

She extended her thanks to her friends and family, “Thank you for supporting and being a huge part of this journey. I would also like to thank my family & friends who have helped me get where I am today for I could not have done this without each and every single one of you.”

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