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LANALA is a Maldivian family-owned business that specializes in swimwear. With designs inspired by the ocean and traditional Maldivian themes, the LANALA brand has a distinguishably playful style with rich colour contrasts.

Mr. Hussen Abdulla is a passionate diver from Gaafu Dhaalu Fiyoaree and is recognized as one of the first professional divers in the Maldives. Mr Abdulla is passionate about maritime conservation and these values are clearly engrossed in the LANALA business model.

LANALA’s first step was to translate conceptual ideas into real swimwear designs. Mr. Abdulla recalls, “it took us some time to figure out the best manufacturer, the best materials, how to minimize the environmental impact, how to avoid plastic packaging and so on.” He also stated, “it is also very challenging to cater to the very diverse tastes customers have. Shapes, colours and designs vary from customer to customer but we try to have something in the range for everyone.”

Starting from 2020, all LANALA products are being made from REPREVE recycled fabric along with paper packaging. “We all have to do our part,” Mr. Abdulla said.

“Refusing single-use plastic and using recycled materials for our swimwear and packaging is definitely something we are proud of.”

“But we want to engage even more,” continues Mr. Abdulla. “I want to raise awareness and engage people in the anti-plastic narrative.”

LANALA is amongst the most recent suppliers that joined Authentic Maldives. Mr. Abdulla say, “although we have only joined Authentic Maldives recently, I am already thrilled about the friendly and professional engagement by all staff I have met so far. It’s an excellent feeling to be part of the Authentic Maldives portfolio.”

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