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A man on a mission to revive the Maldivian practice of coral carving, Mr. Mohamed Imran Ahmed has been researching and practising the ancient art of Maldivian coral carving using alternatives to coral.

He has been creating stone carvings that incorporate the ancient patterns and designs unique to the Maldives and has recently started passing them down to his apprentices.

Mr. Ahmed is a self-taught stone carver with a fine arts background. A career in stone carving was not something that was so prominent when Mr. Ahmed started his entrepreneurial journey. He had to figure out how to come up with a business model that yields profit. He had to work multiple odd jobs to make ends.

His work was recognised by the Presidential Office as traditional art that featured historic and cultural significance and many of his stoneworks were bought and gifted to heads of state and are highly valued for being fully hand-carved.

Mr. Ahmed believes that the work being done for SME’s by BCC is admirable and is a step forward in the right direction for SME’s all over the Maldives.

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