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Everyone loves chocolate. It may even be considered one of the greatest inventions ever made by mankind. A taste so rich and exquisite, it melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more. And Island Chocolate is doing just that. Making exquisite chocolate.

Established by a pair of siblings looking to break into the tourist market, with a deliberation towards ethical consideration and being environmentally friendly as well, Island Chocolate set their sights on making premium chocolate products with varying forms of flavor. The siblings went abroad to go through technical training that would help them start up their business with the help of two partners and successfully established Island Chocolate in 2018, starting them off on their chocolatey adventures.

2020 was a remarkably tough year for everyone and the same goes for businesses as well. Island Chocolate took a direct hit as they catered mostly towards tourists and had to shut down their business for 6 months due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Due to the closure, they struggled to make the necessary foreign payments that keeps their business up and running.

In spite of this bump in the road, Island Chocolate products were very well received during the Fannu Expoof 2019. This proved that there was indeed a substantial demand.

A young business full of potential, Island Chocolate is driven to move forward.

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