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Thakethi is a brand that creates quality educational items for children in Dhivehi, as well as other novelty items at affordable prices.

A conversation about Maldivian folklore led Ms. Fathimath Shareehan Ibrahim, founder of Thakethi, to realize that Dhivehi content can be presented in an appealing way that can catch the attention and interest of the younger generation.

Ms. Shareehan didn’t want to incorporate the word ‘books’ into her company name. “I should just name it Stuff. And there it was. Stuff. Thakethi. It was tongue in cheek and catchy and I loved it immediately,” she explained. And thus, her entrepreneurial adventure began.

One of the biggest challenges with living in a city like Male’ is the cost of rent and utilities. Ms. Shareehan wanted a wide portfolio of items so that she can keep up with the rent expenses. She does not want to sell anything at a higher cost as affordability is a very important aspect to her in the long run. She wants her products to be as accessible as possible.

There have been moments that have inspired her and helped her pull through tough times. She has had parents personally message her telling her how her products have helped their children improve their learning skills and how much their children love her products. During last year’s Fannu Exposition, she was able to look back at the hard work she has done over the years and the amount of passion and love for her project was reinforced when she saw all her products on display.

When asked what advice she could give to aspiring entrepreneurs she said, “don’t be reluctant to reach out to people in similar fields and ask for their advice.”

“You would be amazed at how helpful people can be and how much a community can support and improve you.”

She thanked the BCC team for the continued support she receives as a supplier for Authentic Maldives.

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