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Authentic Maldives is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development to promote genuine local products, which is being operationalized through the Business Center Corporation. The initiative was conceptualized with a vision to identify and nurture creative entrepreneurs in the country, help them embellish their craft and promote their products to the global markets.

What started out as a duty-free shop in Velana International Airport, the Authentic Maldives brand can now also be found in Hulhumale’. The new store also accommodates the playful creations of enthusiastic entrepreneurs through the introduction of Kids’ Corners.

Like its namesake, Authentic Maldives pays heed to Authenticity. Patrons are assured that every product on display is created by Maldivian hands and fashioned by local ideas. With over 60 suppliers currently registered with the Authentic Maldives brand, the initiative has received remarkable support not just from its patrons but local creatives as well.

The Authentic Maldives’ selection boasts treasures from some of the most untraveled areas of the Maldives. Patrons are likely to find model trinkets and artefacts from local history, tantalizing delicacies from the south, intricate works of craftsmanship and countless curiosities from the islands over. From culturally inspired home-decor, stationaries, clothing, jewelry, delicacies and a variety of cosmetic products, our shops are galleries brimming with entrepreneurial energy.

Plans have been made for Authentic Maldives to expand beyond the capital and commence operations in the Atolls and engage creatives nationwide.

Whether you are in the market for a taste of authentic Maldivian flavors, or wish to take a slice of Maldives back home, there’s no better way than to visit one of our stores. What’s more, every patron of the initiative can be assured that they have touched the life of an entrepreneur who is truly Maldivian and have with them a piece that is Authentically from the Maldives.

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